CFW PowerCable® - International Licensees Welcome



It is still a common opinion that the wiring for electrical facility installations using the five conductor system (TN-S) assures an operation free of ground currents. But measurments around buildings and facilities prove the opposite. In most cases ground conductors carry electric currents despite of TN-S installations, especially when phase-, neutral- and ground conductor are installed parallel in the form of tracks or single conductors. As theoretical and practical investigations prove, these undesired ground currents are generated by self induction. Furthermore these systems induce current into adjacent metallic constructions such as metallic cable ducts, water and gas pipelines. The undesired consequences are unexplainable increases of magnetic fields, problems and corrosion.

The new, international patented CFW PowerCable®, developed by CFW, prevents the problems of inductions and eliminates undesirable consequences completely. That is facilitated by the patented assembly of the cable, where the 3 phases and the neutral conductor are twisted around a central positioned ground conductor. Thereby a complete symmetric cable system with balanced reactance and a minimum of emissions is created. The CFW PowerCable®, can be operated parallel without restrictions even under high load conditions.
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